Life Coaching is a Journey

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Life Coaching is a journey that we walk together from where you are right now to where you want to be in any area of your life. I liken it to the image of walking together from one side of this bridge to the other. From the moment our journey together begins until the moment we reach the other side, I am there walking right beside you.

The synergy created by our relationship and the effective application of the coaching process will keep you on track and moving forward toward your desired results. My background and training has prepared me well to deeply listen to what you are saying (and even to what you are not saying), to ask powerful questions that evoke learning, discovery and clarity, to hold you accountable so that you stay focused and engaged, to offer direct information, feedback, oberservation and advise, and to integrate powerful, life changing concepts, principles and tools that will build and strengthen your personal foundation at the same time.

This journey, this relationship, this process...all come together to create the necessary conditions to achieve your desired results with greater ease and less time than you would on your own. In addition, because Life Coaching takes on a holistic approach to life, you may well find that all areas of your life improve as a result.

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A successful journey starts not just with a step but with a step in the right direction, followed by another and another. Shawn Phillips